Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards
Sound Safari Audible Cards

Sound Safari Audible Cards


Make Learning Effortless!

Instantly improve vocabulary and speech 💬

Cut down on screen time 📱

Develop motor skills and memory 🧠

Lightweight, durable and portable 🎒

Scientifically proven results 🥼


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90 Day Returns

Free Shipping

Supporting Our Communities

85% of the Brain is Developed by 3yrs Old!

Flash cards and early child learning is scientifically proven to have positive effects on brainpower even into adulthood! 

The Sound Safari makes learning fun and interactive for children!




We have a 10 month old Pomsky and I have to vacuum and brush her everyday. First time I used it and I love it. So much easier than using a brush, and minimal hair flying around


These flash cards have made an instant improvement to my 2yr olds speech development! She's starting to connect the photos on the cards to objects in the real world and we've only had it for a week. Amazing.


My son has been using this for a few weeks now and we've seen huge improvements in his vocab and pronunciation of words. The best part it he thinks its just a toy!


If you're looking for a toy to replace the iPad and phone this is it! I sat with my kids the first few times so they knew what to do, now they're playing with it by themselves. Great product!

Take Them on a Sound Safari!

Our interactive toy strengthens language skills and instantly improves speech development by linking words, objects, sounds and colours! Its so much fun they won't even realise they're learning!

Ditch the Screens

If your children are like magnets to the iPad and mobile phone, this is a gamechanger!

Enhance their learning and speech without boring textbooks and tantrums!


For the Best Start in Life

The Sound Safari improves fine motor skills by teaching them to place the cards in the holder, all while improving memory and brainpower!

Equipped with 112 double sided cards, the 224 words included are considered to be the most essential words in a childs vocabulary according to industry professionals!

Keeps your child engaged and entertained for hours, helping them learn the right way

90 Day Trial

We're so confident you'll love the Sound Safari, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

Free Shipping

No hidden shipping fees! We offer free worldwide shipping in 7-9 business days. 

Supporting Communities

Percentage of profits is whole-heartedly donated to foster homes and charities

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